The word “inspire” derives from the latin “inspirare” which means “to breathe into”. When we’re inspired, we become rejuvenated, refreshed, and driven with creativity and purpose. 

Our blog is titled “A Journey Inspired” because we’ve always sought experiences that breathed life into us and we want to share the journey with the hopes that it will help you.

On social media, the word ‘inspiration’ has become a gimmick that we’ve seen influencers use to gloat about their life. Under the guise of inspiring others, many will loosely throw around the word as if envy for their lifestyle will embolden us to take action to claim that lifestyle as our own. The social conscience is aware now more than ever of the ‘perfection illusion’ that’s perpetuated through social media.

But that is not inspiration. 

Inspiration has depth and the ability to renew. The truth of inspiration opens our eyes and gives new perspectives. Inspiration is something that we take for our own; it’s something that can come from the unlikeliest of sources. This may be an unpopular opinion…but what most influencers provide is actually ideas, not inspiration.

Of course, some of those on social media may truly be inspired themselves, but it is so easy to fall prey to the idea that others are inspired by what inspires us. And it’s important to acknowledge how your background, privilege and journey has brought you to be inspired from any given situation.

Our decision to compile our travel information into a blog came to be for two reasons: 

  1. Many of our friends have asked us for our tips, tricks, and itineraries for past trips. Thus we want to help people like you by making our experiences and learnings accessible. 
  2. We wanted to document our memories and some of the details that might not be captured through photos while we experience the earth to its fullest. 
So, as we began planning our blog, we wanted to ensure that we were intentional to do the following: 

  1. Don’t simply share the picture perfect moments, but be honest and authentic about the memories and learnings that accompany them.
  2. Share tangible tips to make these same experiences accessible and also our journey through exploring responsibly and sustainably (There is no Planet B!)
  3. Acknowledge the privilege we have in being able to travel and experience new things.

Each of our trips are planned on the foundation to pursue meaningful adventures that will inspire. Whether it is deepening our understanding of new cultures, pushing our comfort zones, enjoying breathtaking views or even spine-tingling activities, each experience refines our perspective of the world and breathes new life into our spirits. 

We want to hear from you – what does inspiration mean to you? Feel free to drop us a line below!