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27 Gift Ideas for Adventure and Outdoor Enthusiasts in 2023

  • Gear
  • December 3, 2023

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for adventurous friends and family, or you want to encourage them to get outside more, we’ve got your back!

We wanted to shed some light on the tried and true items in our gear closet in this comprehensive gift guide, so that you don’t need to do all the research on your own.

With these gift guide ideas for adventurers, there’s a product or experience for everyone. We poured a ton of thought and time into this gift list, so we hope you find it helpful!

Please note, some items are affiliate links which do not cost you anything to use, and we’ve provided discount codes to make the prices a little more accessible. By using our links, you’re supporting our blog and we are very grateful.

Sustainable Gift-Giving

Before we begin, we want to make one thing clear: we value meaningful and sustainable gift-giving and encourage you to be thoughtful when selecting presents for your loved ones. Remember, less is more. That’s why we’ve included a variety of items, from budget-friendly ones to investment pieces.

While we’ve curated this gift guide to provide ideas and inspiration for the adventurers, we want to emphasize that we do not endorse consumerism for the sake of it.

Here are some ways that we can all make gift giving more sustainable:

  1. Take the time to understand your recipient’s preferences. Make sure that the gifts you select will actually be appreciated and used.
  2. Select items that are made with quality, practicality, and thoughtful design. We personally have all of the products below, as we would only suggest products that we truly believe in.
  3. Avoid excessive packaging and choose minimalistic wrapping styles. Sustainably wrap your gifts using eco-friendly materials like recycled paper or fabric gift wraps.
  4. Consider giving experiences instead of physical items.
  5. Support local and small businesses that prioritize sustainability in their products and practices.
  6. Donate to environmental organizations on behalf of your loved ones as a meaningful gift that makes a positive impact.
  7. Encourage your friends and family to join you in sustainable outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or volunteering for local conservation efforts.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of gift ideas for the adventurers and outdoorsy people!

Products that get people outside 

#1: Travel and Backpacking coffee maker – the Aeropress Go


For the coffee lover in your life, this is hands down the best portable coffee maker ever. Period. We raved about it in our gift guide last year and put it on this year’s again because it’s that good. The Aeropress Go is the only coffee maker we own, and we even use it at home. There’s little to no learning curve to making coffee with it, and there aren’t many parts to the device, making it easy to clean and transport. The Aeropress coffee maker brews up a perfect cup every time, with low acidity, no grit, and no bitter taste. Plus, we have the perfect item to accompany this gift below!

#2: Backpacking and Travel Aeropress coffee packets from Punctual Coffee


Born out of Toronto, Canada, Punctual Coffee makes travel/backpacking sized prepackaged coffee for the Aeropress. The high quality beans are freshly roasted, ground, and weighed to perfection which means they’re super convenient for your next adventure. You can either get the travel sized coffee packets (4 servings for $11) or the entire kit altogether which is a great deal.

We’re actually giving away the entire bundle in partnership with Punctual Coffee so go enter at our instagram page!

#3: Chapstick sized travel deodorant from Rush Deodorant

[$6 – $20]

Chapstick sized travel deodorant

If you’ve ever travelled with so-called “travel-sized” deodorant from the drugstore, you’d know it really isn’t small enough. Space and weight are the most valuable commodities when you’re an avid carry-on traveller or backpacker! That’s why we think Rush Deodorant is absolutely genius and we truly wish we had come up with the idea. Measuring at the size of a chapstick, this deodorant can fit in any pocket or even my wallet!

Bonus: you’ll be supporting a small business. The Eucalyptus and Mint fragrance is our favourite.

#4: Hydrapak water filter

[$35 – $55]

Hydrapak Flux bottle with filter - AJourneyInspired Gift Guide

Hydrapak launched our favourite filter products this year and we couldn’t be more excited after testing them in various conditions. The Flux+1.5mm bottle with the 42mm filter cap is our new favourite product for backpacking as it makes refilling our bottle easy, plus the flow rate is very fast (yet still filters at 0.2 microns). The 28mm filter kit is perfect for those who want to use their existing water filtration systems and a hydration bladder. Both are great for backpacking and travelling – we take them anywhere we’re not sure of the accessibility of clean water!

HYDRAPAK COUPON CODE: AJOURNEYINSPIRED10 (for 10% off your purchase)

#5: Energy Bars from Haumana


As someone who needs the energy while I’m always on the go (grabbing one on the way out to hike or to work), while trying to balance it with a healthy diet, I can’t get enough of Haumana’s energy bars. It’s not often that you’ll find all-natural, vegan and gluten free food that is also incredibly delicious.

If you’re not sure what flavour your friend will like, try the starter box. Or, you can subscribe to a 3-month supply where you’ll get to choose a bag, and then Haumana will send you a surprise flavour! Our favourite so far is the Baobab and Chocolate. Bonus points for being locally handmade in Canada!

HAUMANA BARS COUPON CODE: JOURNEY20 (for 20% off your purchase)

#6: Phone Loops


If you know a clumsy person who keeps dropping their phone, they need a Phone Loop. I like that it keeps a low profile on my phone (unlike a Pop Socket which makes my phone eternally unbalanced). They come in silicone versions or fun designs on a rope-like texture, and have saved my phone from many drops already.


#7: Isobutane fuel transfer device from Flipfuel


Flipfuel is an ingenious fuel transfer device that allows you to move isobutane fuel between different fuel canisters. It eliminates the need to carry multiple fuel canisters, reducing weight and waste, making it both a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for backapckers and campers. There are some knockoffs on Amazon but I would highly suggest buying this brand name because quality does matter when it comes to these devices.

FLIPFUEL DISCOUNT CODE: JOURNEY 20 (for 20% off your purchase)

#8: Polarized Sunglasses from Goodr


Goodr Sunglasses - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

It’s pretty hard to find polarized sunglasses for rugged adventures that meet both my quality and budget criteria, but Goodr has done it! We love the fun colours and styles that sunglasses come in, and the fact that they don’t slip off your nose.

#9: Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoes


Brooks Adrenaline GTS Running Shoe - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

If your friend is thinking of getting into running or fitness, one way that you can empower them is getting them a good pair of shoes. I’ve been training solely (pun intended) using Brooks shoes and while they might be the underdog of running, I can’t recommend them enough! The Adrenalines are a great stability shoe for beginners and advanced runners alike.

#10: Woolove Merino baselayers (shirt and leggings)

[$85 each or $140 for bundle]

Woolove Baselayer leggings - Ajourneyinspired Gift GuideWoolove Baselayer shirt - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

We have a bunch of merino wool baselayers but Woolove tops our list as our favourite go-to items for hiking and running. It’s important to have high-quality wool layers because it regulates body temps with moisture-wicking capabilities, is antimicrobial and odour-preventing, and it’s durable. Check out this Toronto-based Canadian small business!


#11: Insta360 action adventure camera


Insta360 - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

This one’s a bit of an investment but it’s so worth it if you’re shopping for an adventurer who loves capturing cinematic videos. We have the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch Sensor and it’s served us better than our Go Pro so far. We like the amount of freedom you have when you’re editing the videos.

Using our links above will get you some free accessories!

#12: Cotopaxi Teca Cálido Hooded Jacket


Cotopaxi Teca Calido Jacket - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

This Cotopaxi jacket looks unassuming but it’s packed with features. I absolutely love it because it because it’s reversible, water resistant, packs into its chest pocket, and the pockets are huge. It’s a great layer to throw on whether you’re taking your daily dog walks or doing a hike. And let’s not forget to mention all the fun limited edition colours it comes in! Most of all, we support Cotopaxi because of its commitment to creating all products from recycled materials and to ending poverty.

#13: Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod from Ulanzi


Ulanzi Best Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

Everyone talks about the Peak Design tripod but we wanted to bring to light this Ulanzi carbon fiber travel tripod which is better in our opinion! We have the Ulanzi Zero F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod 3131 which is $378 and 2.4lbs, compared to the PD tripod $780 with fewer features and is heavier at 2.8lbs.

#14: Garmin inReach Satellite Communication Device 


Garmin Inreach - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

If your friend is the type who goes off grid and you don’t hear from them for days or weeks, and you’re worried for their safety, maybe you should get them a Garmin Inreach so they can stay connected in remote areas without cell service. Features we value include the two-way messaging capabiltiies, the SOS feature (we’ve never used it but it is reassuring to know it’s there), long battery life, and navigation.

If your friend already has an inReach, you can even gift them a month’s subscription which starts at $20.

#15: Black Diamond Headlamp


Black Diamond - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

Lighting is one of the ten essentials every adventurer must have in their hiking backpack and anyone could do with more than one headlamp in their arsenal as backup. We like the Black Diamond Storm 500-R Headlamp because it can be recharged via USB so you don’t have to bring loose batteries while backpacking.

#16: Microspikes


Microspikes - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

Microspikes are an essential in empowering people to get outdoors in the winter. If you’re looking for a well-regarded brand, try Kahtoola. But you can also get spikes for as cheap as $30 on Amazon (we’re still using our first pair that we ever purchased).

#17: Hiking poles from Black Diamond

Black Diamond Hiking Poles Cork - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

We’ve gone through our fair share of hiking poles and favour Black Diamond the most so far. To us, important features are the cork handles which enhance comfort when backpacking over long distances, and the fact that the length adjusters are grippy and reliable (so that the poles don’t change lengths while hiking). We actually prefer the aluminum poles over carbon fiber because they don’t snap nearly as easily (especially in the cold), making them more reliable on those long treks.

#18: Osprey hiking backpack


Osprey Hiking Backpack - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

We’ve been using our Osprey Stratos (men’s) and Sirrus (women’s) hiking day packs for the past 6 years and know that they’ll last for many years to come. Their ventilated back panel makes the backpack super comfortable to hike with, and they’re big enough to hold all your belongings for a long day hike.

#19: Fjallraven High Coast 1.5L fanny pack


Fjallraven High Coast Fanny Pack - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

Last year I raved about the Patagonia 1L fanny pack, but I needed something slightly bigger with more of a structured shape to fit my family’s passports while traveling internationally this year. Fjallraven’s High Coast fanny pack was just perfect! I love that it has multiple pockets (front, middle, and back), and that it’s lightweight and packs into its front pocket.

#20. Hydroflask Trail Bottle


Hydroflask Trail 1L bottle - Ajournyeinspired Gift Guide

Ever since we were gifted our first 1L Hydroflask bottle 6 years ago, we’ve been Hydroflask enthusiasts. It literally keeps our drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, and it never once failed us. Our one gripe with that product was that it was HEAVY, which meant there was a tradeoff for carrying 1L of ice cold water on a hot day hike. However, that changed when we got our hands on the Hydroflask 32oz lightweight trail bottle! It still does the job of insulating your water, BUT it’s 25% lighter.

Experiential gifts that get people outside

#21: AllTrails+ Subscription


Alltrails - Ajourneyinpsired Gift Guide

As much as hikers make fun of AllTrails for being misleading at times, we all know that it’s the one essential app for every avid adventurer. AllTrails Pro is an essential when you are going on trails where there is no cell service as it allows you to download maps and could prevent you from getting lost!

#22: Alpine Club membership


The Alpine Club of Canada and the American Alpine Club are examples of mountain clubs you can gift a membership to, and there are tons of benefits, from rescue expense coverage and gym memberships to gear and hut/camping discounts. You also get discounted or free access to events where you can meet like-minded people!

#23: National parks pass


A national parks pass (whether in USA or Canada) is a must-have to empower your friends and family to immerse themselves in nature and it also supports the conservation and preservation of these areas. The funds contribute to maintaining trails, protecting wildlife habitats, and improving visitor facilities. By giving a national parks pass, you’re not only giving the gift of adventure but also supporting the long-term sustainability of these places. The passes are good for couples so you can even get it as one gift for two individuals!

#24: Outside+ account


Outside Plus - Ajourneyinspired Gift Guide

The Outside+ subscription is jam packed with benefits, including:

  • An included annual subscription to Gaia GPS Premium to download offline maps
  • A vast library of premium articles, videos, and guides from renowned outdoor publications such as Outside Magazine, Climbing, Backpacker, and more.
  • exclusive discounts on gear, apparel, and outdoor events

Furthermore, it promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

#25: Airport Lounge passes


If your recipient is a frequent jet setter, consider getting them a lounge pass to make their travels more enjoyable. For example, Priority Pass subscriptions are $99 for member access, and each visit is $35 thereon. If you want to get them 10 free Priority Pass lounge passes, the cost is $329. There are a variety of lounges at airports and most of them require subscriptions. We are writing about the Priority Pass because we have experience with it, and it’s one of the most budget friendly, but there are definitely nicer lounges.

#26: Hipcamp Gift Card

If your friend has a more outdoorsy travel style, you can get them a Hipcamp gift card! Hipcamp is essentially an Airbnb for campsites or glamp-sites, making traveling more affordable and accessible especially if you’re visiting more rugged areas without hotels.

#27: Donation to a nature-focused charity 

Making a donation to an outdoorsy charity that your friend supports could be one of the most meaningful things you could do for them and show your support for the places your friend loves.

In Canada, you can consider donating to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) or the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

In the United States, you may choose to donate to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) or the Sierra Club Foundation.

Other Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our previous gift guide here.

We hope you found our gift ideas for adventurers useful, and that you will be able to empower or inspire your friends and family to spend more time outside!

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